We Service the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR Areas

No one likes to clean their barbeque grill. Northwest Barbeque Cleaning and Restoration was started so you can enjoy grilling on a clean, sanitary grill without having the hassle of cleaning it yourself. We give you back time to barbeque and enjoy your family and friends by providing you with state of the art grill cleaning services. We use a steam bath to clean your grill’s removable parts, ensuring a sparkling clean result. To learn more and book your NW BBQ and Restoration Logocleaning appointment, give us a call at 360-980-8111, or visit the Contact Us page.

Our Mission

At Northwest Barbeque Cleaning and Restoration our mission is simple. Provide our customers a stress-free grilling experience by providing them with a proven grill cleaning and restoration service. Enjoy your time grilling with friends and family and let Northwest Barbeque Cleaning & Restoration do the rest.